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Code of Conduct

Notice Board

Dear Parents,

Greetings from Modern Senior Secondary School

In order to maintain better discipline and order, it has been decided by the Discipline Committee to emphasize the following code of conduct which will be strictly executed .

1. Students from class I to XII – any student coming later than 7.55 a.m. is considered late. Class I to X – if found late more than thrice, the Parents will be informed and the ward will have to stay back for half an hour after the school (i.e. 2.10 p.m. to 2.40 p.m.)
Class XI and XII, if found late more than thrice, they will have to pay Rs 100/= for each late coming.
The KG Section to report at 8.25 a.m. If found late more than thrice, as usual from KG to Class XII late coming record will be maintained in the School Diary.

2. The School Diary has to be brought every day without fail. A fine of Rs.50/= will have to be paid, if failed to do so. If the Diary is lost, a duplicate Diary has to be bought paying Rs.100/= and get it signed by the Principal. If the original Diary is found later, that must be submitted to the Principal. School Diary, with any written remarks, needs to be signed by the Parent. If not, the Parent will be called for signature.

3. The School Belt and ID Card have to be worn every day, failing which a fine of Rs 50/= will have to be paid respectively.

4. For each Untidy Turn Out a fine of Rs 50/= will have to be paid. Untidy Turn Out includes: Not ironed or torn uniform, different socks and shoes other than the prescribed by the school, long hair(boys), long but not plaited hair(girls), unclipped nails, using mehandi or nail polish, dying the hair with color, fancy items (ear tops, clips, watches, hair bands, pencil/pen pouches) anklets, gold chain etc.

5. No electronic gadgets like Cell Phone, Video Games, IPod, CDs, Pen Drive, Digital Watch and Camera is allowed. If found, they will be immediately confiscated and will be returned at the end of the school year to the Parents.
N.B: The entire fine paid by the students, receipts will be issued in the School Office and the amount thus collected will be used for the Annual Fees of the deserving meritorious students.

We look forward to your wholehearted cooperation.

Thank you,