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Our curriculum focusses on activity based learning and learning by doing. Our lessons are well planned and supplemented with the – 4 e’s

i.      Experience
ii.     Experiments
iii.   Explorations
iv.    Educational Trips

providing the students with the opportunity to observe, explore and interact with the environment thus encouraging them to discover and develop an 
understanding about the same.


i. The curriculum is contextual and flexible with main stress on development of communication skills all through the year various plays, dramas, competition etc. which invalues hundred percent participation is ensured.

ii. The core subjects taught are:English, Hindi, Math and EVS till class II.

iii. In class III and IV EVS is segregated as Science and Social Studies.

iv. Other subjects :- G.K, Computers, Robotics, P.T., Tennis, Skating, Art, Western Dance, Western Music, Indian Dance, Indian Music, Instrumental Music as mandatory subjects.

v. In this fast moving materialistic world it is essential to inculcate good moral values like honesty, truthfulness, tolerance, sincerity, courtesy etc. Special focus is laid on Value Education in these formative years and it is integrated into the curriculum.

Learning By Doings

i. Students interact with children from slums, educate them and donate their books, uniforms and toys to them.


i. There is no formal testing in classes Pre School to Class IV.
ii. Promotion is granted on the basis of the all round progress of the child during the year.
iii. Continuous comprehensive evaluation is carried out through observations, activities and assignments.
iv. No student is detained upto Class IV unless the school and the parents decide to do so in the best interest of the child.

Teaching Methodology

i. At Modern Senior Secondary School Bahadurgarh, we believe in imparting quality education that goes beyond text book teaching and develops 
critical thinking, problem solving and decision making in the students.


We constantly devise, modify and evaluate the classroom and teaching strategy to formulate the best education for any child. Our main objectives are:

i. To foster intellectual, emotional, physical, social, and aesthetic development of the students.

ii. To provide a curriculum that integrates academics with co-curricular activities and sports.

iii. To enable our students to be independent and confident.

iv. To help students realize and discover their true potential.

v. To imbibe values in students and provide education for life.

Junior Level

Teaching is an intricate and sublime art where in the teacher stimulates the student’s interests and sparks his imagination. The concept of co-teaching is 
followed from pre-school to class II wherein each child is given personal attention through parallel teaching or supportive teaching. Here one teacher 
delivers instructions and explains / teaches and the other demonstrates, thus facilitating:

i. better academic performance

ii. developing social skills in students

iii. fostering positive attitude among students

iv. Teacher student ratio is amplified resulting in better teaching and learning conditions.

v. In class III and IV, methodology is child centered nurturing scientific temperament through observation, experimentation and reasoning. This makes them analytically and logically stronger.

Middle Level (Class V to Class VIII)

The main aim at this level is to provide in depth knowledge of the concepts. An extensive use of technology aids to supplement classroom teaching.

i. Homework given to students is a stimulating revision exercise generally in the form of worksheets.

ii. A lot of stress is laid at this stage on spoken English with emphasis on good pronunciation and diction coupled with excellent reading and writing skills.

iii. Educational trips and excursions are organized on a regular basis to make learning fun and meaningful.

iv. Students are encouraged to opt for a variety of co-curricular activities such as Chess, Indian Music, Western Music, Instrumental Music, Dance, Indian Dance, Western Dance, Yoga, Taekwondo, Skating etc.

Senior Secondary Level (Class IX to Class XII)

The main aim at this level is to prepare students according to the CBSE curriculum.

i. Result oriented teaching is imparted by experienced teachers targeting an excellent result.

ii. Students have the option to study any one language – Sanskrit or Hindi in class-IX and X.

iii. Science and Commerce are the two academic streams offered in the school at +2 level. Students can choose subjects of their choice from a number of subjects offered.

iv. School is equipped with modern laboratories to impart practical knowledge.

Our aim is to give individual attention to each child. We have 25-30 students in each class and our teachers are well trained to cater to individual needs. We have integrated technology with traditional blackboard and chalk in the classroom. Our classrooms are provided with interactive board or a computer with a monitor. The teachers are trained to make their lessons highly effective by using 3-D images, animations and videos in the classrooms resulting in a multi – sensory learning experience for students.


For the emotional and mental well being of every human being, counseling by a trained professional could serve as an appropriate help. The myth that counselling is only for the problematic has been replaced by the fact that counselling prevents from problems. Counselling foster better life skills like decision making communication skills, interpersonal relationships etc. Both preventive and remedial counseling provide help. Parents and teachers are 
also counselled and planned follow-ups and personal counselling sessions help to solve the existing problem and also to prevent high risk behaviours.

Effective parenting sessions with the parents and counselling workshops and training programs promotes better parent child and better student-teacher relationships. Educational counselling helps to impart effective study skills, handling exams and managing stress.

Career Counselling

The first step towards the career choice is to know yourself. First and foremost the life skill “Self awareness” starts the process of career planning. Classes VII onwards interact with the counsellor in groups to know and learn the process of career planning. Subsequently the role of personality traits, aptitude and interests are understood. This is followed by information on careers in three different streams namely Commerce, Science and Humanities.

Questions like-

i. “Which subjects I should take?”

ii. “Hotel Management Karnekeleyekyakarnapartahai?”

iii. “What is BBA?”

And so on are addressed and doubts and confusions are cleared. After these sessions students may require face to face sessions for which they meet the  counsellor personally.

Career Counselling sessions – Career talks were arranged for class XI and XII . Students were exposed to information regarding careers namely Teaching , Fashion Industry, Hospitality, Acturial Science, Clinical research and careers in management.

—    School Counsellor