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Admissions of students without regard to race, color


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Parent in Education

Notice Board

At MODERN SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL, the parents of the students play an equally important role as the teachers, in the positive development of a child’s talents. The qualifications, achievements, and positions of the parents would be taken into consideration to create various decision-making committees, which in turn would play a key role in matters of affiliation, specialization, dynamic coaching, special facilities and theme functions.

The parents would jointly work with the school to provide an educational environment to foster lateral thinking and provide a caring environment where every child would grow naturally without fear or favour. Values of compassion, tolerance, self-respect, dignity and learning for knowledge would equally emanate from home as much as from the school. Parents from diverse cultures and background would be given ample opportunities to share their customs, so that the inter-mixing of cultures would widen the spectrum of knowledge and provide for the values of sharing and understanding between children.